The Captain

Capt. Iggie, owner and Captain of the RnR, has lived on St John for close to two decades and has been a bartender at The Beach Bar for the past few years. Among his many projects, he is the creator of The St John App and has written travel guides to major European destinations. One of his first jobs on St John was training as a Dive Master for the Cannel Bay Resort as well as being first mate aboard a local catamaran boat charter, the No Shoes. He also dabbles in sailing races and overseas sailing excursions from time to time. His extensive  travel experience and his knowledge of the Virgin Islands, both above and below the water, makes him the perfect Captain to make sure guests aboard the RocknRolla have an absolutely fantastic time.



­čô× 1 340 227 6552

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or to place a booking.